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  Toward the Making of a Sentence by Robert Hartwell Fiske

Toward the Making of a Sentence

Vocabula Books logoThis is a Vocabula Book. People long to write a clear, a readable, even, at times, an elegant sentence. Toward the Making of a Sentence will show them how to go about it. Toward the Making of a Sentence is a collection of rules or guidelines, followed by sentence examples. You may buy the manuscript as it now reads. Version 1.0 is some 70 pages. Later versions of this book will become available over time.

This book also includes an appendix, "Silence, Language, and Society."

Here is the table of contents:

I. On Style

II. On Sound

III. On Grammar

IV. On Words

V. On Punctuation

Appendix: Silence, Language, and Society

About the Author: Robert Hartwell Fiske

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