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  Vocabula Bound 2 edited by Robert Hartwell Fiske

Vocabula Bound 2

Vocabula Books logoThis is a Vocabula Book. The second volume of Vocabula Bound is a collection of twenty-eight essays about the English language, as well as ten poems, that originally appeared in The Vocabula Review. The essays range in topic from the end of linguistics to the meaning of the term arabber to how bad writing kills.

... no beauty to be had, but in wresting and writhing our own tongue? — Ben Jonson

Here is the table of contents:

Introduction by Rosemarie Ostler

Introduction by Charles Hodgson


Vernica Albin: Names, Nemeses, Nameses

Edwin Battistella: The Folk Art of Error

Tina Bennett-Kastor: A Battle of Words

Ada Brunstein: Word Economics

Julian Burnside: Mentor

Bill Casselman: A Blunt History of the Word Cunt

Skip Eisiminger: The Consequences of a Word

Joseph Epstein: Cleaning Up My Act

Robert Hartwell Fiske: The Decline of the Dictionary

Adam Freedman: All About Eaves

Amalia Gnanadesikan: Change and Decay: Confessions of a Descriptive Linguist

Donna Gorrell: Conversations with a Copy Editor

Ellen Graf: Linguistic Strategies to Cure Illness

Mark Halpern: The End of Linguistics

Carey Harrison: Millions Dead

Kerr Houston: Breve New World: Thoughts on an Emergent Pidgin

David Isaacson: Code Switching

John Kilgore: Frisking the Governor's Daughter

Richard Lederer: Confessions of a Verbivore

Anna Jean Mallinson: An The A

John McIntyre: Arabber

Kevin Mims: The Adjustor, the Vestige, and the King of Cashews

Clark Elder Morrow: Oscar Wilde Meets the Cartoon Network

Christopher Orlet: Fatal Language Errors

Mark Painter: Life and Death Punctuation

Mark Peters: Can a Warlord Be a Dingbat?

Christopher Ringwald: Bad Writing Kills

Joan Taber: G E [Honk If You're Etruscan]


Matthew Byrne: You Will Be Mine

Laura Cherry: The Restaurant

Barbara Goldowsky: How to Become a Future Unremembered Poet

Miriam N. Kotzin: Elevated Risk

Pen Pearson: Tradition and the Individual

Jude Roland: Idyll

Peter Swanson: David Niven: A Villanelle

Brian Taylor: Lot's Wife

John Timpane: Overpass

George Witte: At Dusk, the Catbird


Biographical Notes

Cover: Fabricate (2008) by Mel Kadel

About the Editor: Robert Hartwell Fiske

Product Details

Perfect bound

5 1/4" by 8 1/4" trim

240 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0-9774368-6-6

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