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  Vocabula Bound 1 edited by Robert Hartwell Fiske

Vocabula Bound 1

Vocabula Books logoThis is a Vocabula Book. Vocabula Bound 1 is a collection of twenty-five extraordinary essays about the English language, as well as twenty-six poems, that originally appeared in The Vocabula Review. The essays range in topic from the importance of teaching poetry to the "secret nature" of nicknames to how linguistics killed grammar.

... in the right definition of names lies the first use of speech; which is the acquisition of science: and in wrong, or no definitions, lies the first abuse; from which proceed all false and senseless tenets. — Thomas Hobbes

Here is the table of contents:



Kelly Cannon: Lawyers vs. Language

Steve Cook: Writing Down to Readers

Susan Elkin: Children Deserve Poetry

David Isaacson: Kvetching About Literary Criticism

John Kilgore: Why Teachers Can't Read Poetry

Mark L. Levinson: The Ribbon

Mark L. Levinson: Shark Never

Pen Pearson: One Day Desultorily Reading the American Heritage Dictionary at F I Stumble Upon Farkleberry and ...

Pen Pearson: Sister Margaret's

Brian Taylor: Essential Theatre

Brian Taylor: L'Art Poetique


Marylaine Block: Grammar Matters

Tim Buck: The Art of Conversation

Joseph Epstein: Upsizing

David R. Williams: Snobs and Slobs

Valerie Collins: Words of a Feather

Michael J. Sheehan: Nifty Neologisms

Warren Jones: Tongue

Warren Jones: Quiet Fight

Elana Wolff: 1949 Santa Fe Lounge Car

Elana Wolff: Marmara

Barry Spacks: The Placing of a Comma

Barry Spacks: From the Skymind Café


Tina Bennett-Kastor: Our Democratic Language

Mark Halpern: Why Linguists Are Not to Be Trusted on Language Usage — With Some Afterthoughts

Tracy Lee Simmons: Getting the Words Right

Ken Bresler: Playing the Synonym Game

Julian Burnside: Obscene Words

Peter Corey: How Linguistics Killed Grammar

Orin Hargraves: Who Owns English

jjoan ttaber: Singular They: The Pronoun That Came in from the Cold

Bert Stern: A Little Poem

Bert Stern: Sail Away

Laura Cherry: Cab Ride to Logan

Laura Cherry: Settlement

Ernest Hilbert: A Writer's Life

Ernest Hilbert: Temptation of St. Anthony (Detail of Demons)


David Carkeet: Titanic Blunders

Darren Crovitz: The Secret Nature of Nicknames

Richard Lederer: Politicians Incorrect

Rohit Gupta: The Pen Is Mightier Than MSWord

Clark Elder Morrow: Mr. Goldentongue

Christopher Orlet: The Last Words

Fred Moramarco: Takes on Shakes — 6

Fred Moramarco: Takes on Shakes — 17

Sarah Skwire: Church-Going

Sarah Skwire: The Thing with Feathers

Matt Hart: Knock Knock Knock

Matt Hart: Interior Decoration Committee

Lauren Rile Smith: New York

Lauren Rile Smith: Shadow


Biographical Notes

Cover: Creatures of Prometheus (1957) by Martin Barooshian

About the Editor: Robert Hartwell Fiske

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Perfect bound

5 1/4" by 8 1/4" trim

298 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0-9774368-5-9

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